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Originated from China in the 10th century, Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the oldest and rarest breeds in the world. The harsh climates of the Himalayas cause Tibetan Mastiffs to develop a love for cold weather, especially the snow. Tibetan Mastiffs can be very stubborn, yet they are one of the best breeds in the world. They are very loyal to family, including little children and seniors. Tibetan Mastiffs are the best choice if you are looking for a guard dog, companion, and family dog. They can be trainable with patience since their intelligence level is extremely high, despite being stubborn. Depending on the litter, our Tibetan Mastiffs may or may not have a large mane. Typically, the fur on the body is shorter. 

About us

We are a family of six located in Maryland. Our puppies are comfortable with children because they are exposed to kids on a daily basis: ages 3-16. Our adult Tibetan Mastiffs are wonderful guard dogs and provide our family with warmth and love. They love to jump on us, give us kisses, and make us laugh. This breed, in particular, is very magical and has a unique personality. Our dogs do funny things like sitting on our dining table, as well as ringing our doorbell. They eat meat daily and have access to dog food if needed.  We only breed Tibetan Mastiffs and hope to find the absolute best homes for our puppies. All of our Tibetan Mastiffs live with us and are never raised in barns. The puppies are raised inside and enjoy being outside during the winter snow. We look forward to getting to know you. Please stay in contact with us throughout the journey of your new family member!

How can you get a puppy?

Please fill out the application form by clicking on the “I’m Ready” button located on the home page. We have 4 females and 3 males available that were born on 2/8/21. If you are looking forward to taking a road trip to Maryland for the new addition to your family, feel free to contact us. We require you to fill out the application to know you and your family better. Please allow us to ask you additional questions when we get in contact with you.

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